We believe that you have an intrinsic right to the finest service, products, and building process that is simple, swift, and satisfying. Our primary objective is to offer you an unmatched, superior experience.

We are a commercial roofing company specializing in the repair or replacement of the roof that protects the assets - your building, contents, and people inside.

Watermark is able to bridge the gap that many other roofing contractors may not be able to because we understand that your needs frequently change, and not every roof is the same. From wear and tear, improper and poor installations, weather-related damages such as wind, hail, and tornadoes, not all roof systems are created equal with the ability to withstand these elements.

With experience handling catastrophes from hurricanes, to floods, to wind storms, and hail storms as an adjuster, Watermark has a unique ability to asses storm-related damages, and determine the correct methods of repair or in some cases replacement of damaged items. We work with our clients to bring a full claim handling experience in the event a claim is needed. In short, we work with the insurance company to make sure all damaged items get accounted for, and this results in a maximized claim payout.


President of Operations - Wesley Simmons

Born and raised in upstate New York, Wesley began working closely with his father building homes and learning the trades. Having family in the St Louis, MO area, Wesley moved to be more central in the US and begin his career as an Independent Catastrophe Adjuster. For over a decade, he handled claims on condo high-rises, warehouses, and residential properties, due to wind, hail, tornado, and hurricanes.

After marrying his Highschool sweetheart, and having 2 handsome boys, he knew he needed to change his work-life balance as being called away for work for months at a time was no feasible family life. Because of that, Watermark Exteriors was born!

In his spare time, Wes loves to spend time with his beautiful wife and amazing boys. Some of his hobbies include hunting and fishing and teaching his boys how to do the same!

Watermark Exteriors Project Manager Jordan Davis

Project Manager - Jordan Davis

Hey, my name is Jordan Davis. I am from Belleville, IL and I am so excited to be a part of the Watermark Exteriors Team.  When I’m not out helping clients I love to play rugby, work on my cars, and hangout with my son and my beautiful lady!

Do you have an interior leak that is costing you time and money?

Watermark can find the source of the leak through our leak detection services, and provide a solution to prevent more damage from occurring. If damages to the interior occur, no worries, we got you covered! Our sister company would be happy to assist in the cleanup and repair process of the interior in a seamless, efficient matter.

From steep shingled roofs, to low slope roofs, or even flat roofs, Watermark Exteriors offer insurance claim services, preventative roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof replacement options that meet your needs.