Roof Repair and Replacement Services in St. Louis, MO

We help you save money in the long term through the replacement of the roof, preventative maintenance, or a simple leak repair that could end up costing thousands of dollars in interior repairs and loss of business.

From low slope systems on warehouses, to high-rises, to multifamily complexes with steep slope systems, we have solutions for you!  Learn more about our process here.



Do you have a new building that you are in the process of designing, or are just breaking ground?

We can help you find the right roofing system that is done correctly, up to code, and per specifications of the architect drawings.

We work closely with the roofing material manufacturers to make sure what is installed is done right, can be warrantied, and is a product we are proud to say, “That is a Watermark Roof!”


This is your opportunity to leverage 50+ years of knowledge from a veteran adjuster and a disaster cleanup expert. Combined, we’ve handled damages from small leaks, to multi-million-dollar losses – which means, you can trust us to take care of you and your property.

To start, we set up a free assessment to note the damages/condition of your property’s roof. We then assist you in determining the best steps to take for a solution that fits your specific needs.

If it is a repair that is needed, we will document it and repair it with our leak free repair guarantee-or we fix it for free. 


If the roof is beyond repair or maintenance, replacement may be necessary. We will document the issues, and provide a cost and method of replacement. Sometimes, roofs are just too worn out and need to be replaced.

Other times, they have storm-related damage and would warrant an insurance claim. Either way, we will guide you through the process. 


In some cases, preventative maintenance would be warranted knowing that we can extend the life of the roof for another 5-7 yrs. By maintaining the roof, you can maximize the longevity, usefulness, avoid a headache of leaks, and not have to worry about the replacement immediately. This results in money savings over the long term. 


What Our customers say

Watermark Exteriors was a dream to work with when our company warehouses needed roof replacements.

Lizzie Thompson

st louis business owner

As a former roofer, I know what to look for in a roofing company...these guys check all the boxes and then some.

Carlos Velasquez

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