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Are you looking for a new insulation service? Watermark Exteriors is the best choice in insulation services. We’re committed to providing our customers with top-notch products and professional installation that will keep your home comfortable all year round. Our team of experts is trained to provide quality workmanship, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe from harsh weather conditions.

Desire: You deserve comfort and peace of mind when it comes to keeping your family warm during the winter months or cool during summer heatwaves. That’s why we offer a wide range of insulation options including spray foam, fiberglass batts, cellulose, radiant barrier foil tape, blown-in foam, and more! Whatever type of insulation you need for your project – we have it covered! Plus our installation process ensures that no mess is left behind after the job has been completed. No matter what kind of home improvement project you have in mind – trust us at Watermark Exteriors for all your insulation needs!

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Why Choose Us For Your Insulation?

Watermark Exteriors is your best choice for insulation. We use blown-in insulation and Batt & Roll to insulate your walls, attic, crawl space, and new home construction. Our products are top quality and will save your home energy by keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They’ll also provide you with a strong solution to canceling any noise pollution from other rooms or the outside allowing for a much more quiet experience in-home. Our contractors at Watermark Exteriors are the choice for all your St. Louis insulation needs.

Insulation FAQs

1) Is Insulating Your Attic Worth It?

For a significant improvement to the comfort of your home, insulating is an easy way that you can save money. Studies show attic insulation could potentially reduce heating bills by up 10% and even 50%.

2) Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation Before Adding the New?

You can get by with adding new attic insulation right over the old. However, it is not always best for your home and some professionals recommend you consult an expert before installing any materials that are unknowns in this field of work or construction such as batts for example.

3) Can You Put Too Much Insulation In Your Home?

Over-insulating your home can actually be a bad idea. Too much insulation will not necessarily help save energy and the results could be poor causing a large amount of heat or cool air to escape. It could also cause moisture build-up between the layers of material installed on homes

4) Are New Homes Better Insulated?

New homes are said to have insulation that is up to six times more efficient than what was used in homes constructed during the 1960s. This increased efficiency has led some experts to predict that the results will only get better from here and we can soon expect even fewer energy costs for our everyday lives!

5) How Can I Tell My Insulation is Bad and Needs To Be Removed?

To check if your home insulation is bad, you might also notice higher than normal energy bills; walls or ceilings that are cold to touch; drafts in places where there should not exist for an established house (elevator shafts come to mind); pest infestations such as termites eating away at beams holding up part of the structure—anything out-of-the-ordinary on this list would point towards having work done immediately!