New Construction Roof Installations

Do you have a new building that you are in the process of designing, or are just breaking ground on?

We can help you find the right roofing system, that is done correctly, up to code, and per specifications of the architect drawings. We work closely with the roofing material manufacturers to make sure what is installed is done right, can be warrantied, and is a product we are proud to say, “That is a Watermark Roof!” 

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SYNTHETIC shingles

Why Choose Us?

Is your company in the market for a new office space, retail location or warehouse? Are you thinking about adding on to an existing location? Whether it is a brand new construction or just an add on, Watermark Exteriors can handle your new construction roofing needs in and around the St. Louis area. We’ll deliver a roofing design and roofing solution that will exceed your expectations. Each roof is different and comes with its own set of challenges. We look forward to working with you, to solve these challenges. We’ll listen to your needs, concerns and be respectful of your budget.

We have been installing exceptional roofing systems in St.Louis for years and we’ve developed a high level of trust among local property and business owners. Make Watermark Exteriors your first choice when you decide to install new roofing for your commercial business.


Can you work with our architect and/or contractor?

Yes! We at times need to work with architects, general contractors, and engineers to determine the best look for a property, how it is to be installed (To manufacturer specifications for shinglesTPOEPDM-flat roofs, etc.) and the maximum weight loads a roof framing system can sustain.

What type of roof is best for my property?

This can often be determined by speaking to an architect, and a licensed roofing contractor. Since many properties may have both flat roofs, and steep pitches, it may need to have different products installed in sequential order.

How long will my new roof last?

Many roofs can last more than 15-20 years if maintained after installation.

What design choices do you offer?

Because we offer an array of options for new construction roofing, this can be a difficult question to answer. But rest assured, that when we review the options for your property, we can review a Good, Better, & Best scenario to give you the best fit for your needs.