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In some cases, preventative maintenance would be warranted knowing that we can extend the life of the roof for another 5-7 yrs. By maintaining the roof, you can maximize the longevity, usefulness, avoid a headache of leaks, and not have to worry about the replacement immediately. This results in money savings over the long term.


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A roof over your head protecting your family, employees, and possessions is arguably the most important component of your property. Rain or shine, you depend on your roof. Is your roof ready for the St. Louis elements? Call Watermark Exteriors, we’ll send one of our professional roof inspectors out to your site to perform a no cost roof inspection. We’ll look for damage, wear and tear, and inform you of our findings. We’re well versed in the Illinois and St. Louis area roofing codes, so we will make sure your roof is up to par.


1) How do you maintain a roof?

Maintaining a roof can often times be a simple fix to prevent a larger issue from occurring. We look at all weak areas a roof could allow moisture in from and address those weak points.

2)What does maintenance include?

Maintenance plans vary based on whether it is a shingled roof or flat roof as well as the size of the roof. Some plans require more in-depth maintenance depending on the building use, type of material and how many roof penetrations.

3) Will maintaining my roof make it last longer than its supposed to?

Absolutely! By making sure all the seals and caulking is kept crack free, and in good working condition, the roof should be able to outlast a non-maintained roof. With that being said, we can’t put a bubble over your property to prevent weather from having its way.

4) What is the easiest type of roof to maintain?

Currently there are multiple products (these fall into the “BEST” category) that can last 25+ years and require very little maintenance, leaving only the penetrations such as pipes, furnace stacks, or chimneys to be inspected and maintained every 3-5 years.

5) Are gutters and downspouts covered in your maintenance plan?

In some cases, we do include gutter cleaning as foliage can block the flow of water and cause back up in the property.

6) How often do I need to have maintenance performed?

We offer different plans tailored to fit a specific property and roof system installed. Contact us today to discuss how we can offer you a tailored maintenance plan for your roof.

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