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The St. Louis metropolitan area is a hotbed for extreme weather conditions. When the spring begins to arrive so do severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. And with those storms, come hail storms and wind damage that is likely to cause a need for roof repair. Common problems such as shingle lifts and leaky storm-damaged roofs are frequent problems that we see with commercial and residential properties in the area.

No matter what the issue is, our professional roofers will be available to give you a complete inspection and diagnosis of your roof. Once we determine the extent of the issues, we’ll let you know what roofing repair or installations have to be done and get your roof back in the proper shape it was before the storm damage. 

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Why Choose Us For Your Roof Repairs

After every severe storm that hits the area, make it a habit to check your roof. Keep track of any issues or problems you find and contact Watermark Exteriors to provide you with the best in storm damage repair. We have over 35 years of experience working in the St. Louis and Illinois area as one of the top commercial roofing contractors. Our professional roof inspectors are trained to spot storm damaged roofs and find you the best cost-effective solution available.


1) What are some signs of a storm damaged roof?

Storm damage on your roof has some obvious signs. Look out for water damage in the ceiling of your home, this is a direct sign of roof damage. Any loose or peeling sealant and missing flashing are two not so obvious signs. Finally, keep an eye on your shingles. Heavy hail storms can produce severe dents and wind storms are known to cause buckles and even blow-off parts of your home.

2) What should I look for when I check for damage from high wind?

After heavy winds strike the area, thoroughly examine your roof and make note of buckles or cracks in your home. It is common to see damage to your chimney after wind storms. Look for loose brick, crumbling cement, or granule buildups in your gutters. Each of these suggests that damage from the elements has occurred.

3) How will hail damage affect my home in Missouri?

Hail damage can cause some severe damage to both your roof and your home. Hail is made of frozen water drops that form in the upper regions of thunderstorm clouds. These hail drops fall at rapid speeds and have the ability to dent and break anything in their way. Hail damage can show in the form of curls, dents, or cracks. You will also notice that your gutters may be beat up with dents and cracks. 

4) What are the signs of fallen debris damage?

During severe storms, heavy wind storms always run the risk of uprooting a tree over or causing other debris such as branches to damage roofs. Anytime you see debris on your roof, check out the situation to ensure that no shingles have been damaged or that any gutters are dented or broken.

5) What should I do after a big storm happens?

After a big storm, you should always make sure to assess your roof for storm damage. Walk around the perimeter and check your gutters, windows, and other outdoor accessories on your home. Make note of any damages you see indoors as well, such as water leaks or dark spots in the ceiling. Finally, call a professional roofing contractor at Watermark Exteriors to take a closer look. We’ll provide a complete and thorough inspection and give you the details on a possible roof repair or replacement. 

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