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1. Suggested Applications:

Shingles have array of options to create a very specific looks/styles and can accommodate both large and small budgets.  In cases where the roof pitch is greater than 3:12 pitch, shingles would be the preferred method of install as the water will flow easily over them and into a gutter system this system is a water shedding system NOT a waterproof system.

2. Process:

Shingles are installed in either tracking patterns or diagonally (stair step) method. The method of install can depend on the type/style of the shingle. First things to be completed to begin the install is to make sure the decking is clean and dry. Ice and water shields are installed in the valleys, around all pipes, and chimneys, and in cases where required by code at the eave(gutter edges).

Next, the roofing felt is installed in the field areas.

Finally, the shingles are nailed over the felt and ice and water shield membranes. Areas where the is a wall connecting to the roof metal flashing is installed to direct water on the shingles.

3. Time Frame for Installation:

The average St. Louis home can have a roof removed and replaced in the same day. However, the steeper and higher the roof, the more risk, the longer the install can take.

4. Expected Lifespan:

In the Midwest, shingled roofs can typically last for 15-20 years for an architectural shingle. In most cases the shingles will require replacement due to the harsh spring like weather that can bring wind and hail damage.

4. Warranties:

For shingled roofs, warranties are issued with a material warranty from the manufacturer, and workmanship warranty from Watermark Exteriors that handles issues that may arise from workmanship.

Roofs Crafted for St. Louis Residents

It may not be something that’s front of mind when you think about your home, but an attractive, well designed roof goes a long way to not only making your home look good, it protects your investment. A poorly done roof, broken or torn shingles just doesn’t measure up to a top quality, professional roof. As a St. Louis homeowner you’re fully aware how rough the Midwest climate can be on your roof. We are shingle roof experts and we’ve been serving St.Louis residents for well over 20 years.

Shingle roofing has long been the choice for residential roofing jobs. At Watermark Exteriors, we install laminated asphalt shingles, as well as asphalt fiberglass. Let us help you make your house the envy of all your neighbors with a Watermark roof. Don’t need a new roof yet? That’s fine too! Our skilled technicians will give you a no cost estimate on repairs and only fix what needs fixing. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

roofing shingles st louis

Shingle Roof Benefits


Homeowners choose shingle roofing for the cost savings over metal roof and its one of the most widely used style of roofs.

Prevents Damage

Waiting to fix a leaky roof can cause even more expensive damage from water,storms as well as pests. A properly installed and maintained roof will provide protection for you and your family for years to come. 

Stunning and Attractive

Our products are made from excellent quality material that also look incredible on your home.

Easy Setup and Install

Our highly trained installers get your roof installed quickly, safely and treat your home with the utmost respect and care.

Numerous Colors and Styles

We have an extensive list of choices when it comes to shades and designs available to match your home color and style


Chances are your current home can accommodate a new roof with no need for structural modification.

Have Shingle Roof Questions?

Typically asphalt shingles are the best option for St.Louis homeowners. Asphalt shingles are available in sheets and are layered on the roof to give the appearance of more costly shingles like cedar or slate which are individually installed.

Shingles are comprised of a base material(normally waste paper, cellulose, wood fibers or some other organic material). This is then infused with asphalt to provide a waterproof barrier. An additional layer of asphalt is applied and covered with granules to finish the process.

Most manufactures provide what is referred to as “grades” or “ratings. Commonly they are rated from “good” to “better”, with the rating of “best” being the most expensive and most durable choice.

roofing shingles st louis